Thursday, April 13, 2006

South Jersey Day Trip

Everyone in Jersey drives. Thats the first thing I noticed. I needed to use an ATM and actually had to walk through a drive-though at a bank. I met up with SMc and MJ at this cutesy diner that has, no lie.....30 DIFFERENT TYPES OF GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES! It was the best.

We talked about many things, but what I remember most is talking about flash mobs. There is a pillow fight flash mob in Center City this Saturday. I really really want to start a marching band flash mob soon. When I got back into Philly, I bought "The Complete Idiots guide to playing the harmonica", cuz if I'm gonna do this whole marching band flash mob thing, I at least want it to be good. Synchronized and all. Like the way Indian classical and jazz musicians do, tell everyone the key, and then have everyone show up and improvise. But if everyone is in a different key its gonna sound like shit.

Anyways, so we get to the diner. The waiter did the whole "are you sure?" thing with MJ. Like remember that waitress from California who like a decade ago got fired because there was a pregnant lady smoking at a restaurant and she said "do you know smoking is bad for your baby?" or "are you sure you want to smoke.... in your 'condition?'" Anyways, I can see how someone can underestimate MJs eating (or drinking) potential, but I knew she could handle her own. When she ordered her sandwich and salad, the waiter raised his eyebrows in "are you sure?" position and said "our salads are REALLY BIG!" the menu said "Our sandwiches are REALLY BIG!" I was hoping that MJ would finish her food just so the waiter could be proved wrong. She did. I mean, if you are paying for it, why do they care whether or not you can handle the portions? As a restaurant business, don't you actually WANT your patrons to order the most possible?

After SMc left, we kept going. We ordered ice cream. Now I sort of understand why boys don't like wearing condoms.

The cone condom..... its a cute idea and all in theory, the ledge is there to catch all the spilling cream so your hand doesn't get sticky, but in practice you are always afraid of it slipping off that you can't relax and have fun.

I went with MJ to a nearby grocery to buy matzo meal because the Whole Foods on South Street ran out of matzo. Bummer, out of matzo on Passover. We wandered around and tried to guess the aisle it would be on. MJ thought "Aisle 2 under 'Ethnic'", I was thinking "Bread aisle." We asked the boy in the apron with saggy pants and front-tilted cap. We wondered why he was leading us to the Cheese aisle. He pointed to the mozarella balls. We giggled away.... he must have heard us wrong. MATZO! NOT MATZO-RELLA! I learned something new yesterday..... just because something is kosher, it doesn't mean its kosher enough for Passover. Like, there is a Kosher scale. All this time, I thought the Kosher thing was "pass/fail" when it actually gets 'grades." If you go to the matzo section, you will see that some boxes will have tiny print that says "not for Passover." (Quick-side note, the matzo at Metropolitan Bakery
is the BEST! Waaay better than the stuff you get out of a box at the grocery store.)

Some time soon, I will have to share my Passover experience from last night. It sort of fucked me up in the head. But we'll save that for later.


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