Monday, December 13, 2004

Be careful what you say to a kid

One of the boys in my class has long hair that is usually in corn rows, but
today it was in a ponytail.... But the ponytail came loose and soon there
was hair everywhere, "Don King style."

So I started calling him Don King instead of his name. Like, "Get back in
your seat Don King!" It was all in good fun, the kids laughed every time I
said it, and I love the kid and didn't mean any harm.

Unfortunately, when my boss came into the room he yelled out to her "She
keeps calling me DONKEY!" I turned beet red. My boss must thing I am
verbally abusive.


About Raj, so yeah he might be a sell-out to the South Asian community. But
the reason I like him is for his momentum. He doesn't dwell on anything and
bounces back quickly. Come on, he hit on Trump's secretary immediately after
getting fired. I really respect that.

What was that saying again? "When life throws you oranges, make orange

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Since I last wrote.....

Here are some things that have been occupying my mind:

1) Teacher observations- To all the students who said "You MEAN Ms. Devalina, you MEAN!" No candy for you :(
2) An interview with Raj from the Apprentice-
3) The Pixies show was a lot of fun, besides the fact that it was held in a Clear Channel venue in the murder capital of the world and that I made Jeremy cry and embarassed his bitchy date who happened to be a Suicide Girl. Dude, don't call and complain to me anymore about the girls you date being crazy.... you CHOSE it!
4) One word review for The Incredibles- Over-rated
5) New love- My Nikon D70 (you are worth every penny)
6) So glad that Tammi dumped what's his face. When someone isolates you from the world, you know something is wrong.
7) Condolences to Maripat, who lost her little sister last week. It got me thinking about death...... NOTE TO SELF: a) always finish an argument, b) make sure to write in my will that I want a CLOSED casket and the obvious c) live each day to your fullest and don't have any regrets
8) You are OK Jeff, I forgive you and want to be your friend
9) The GRE
10) Wife Swap I love you..... I am not embarassed to admit that I look forward to curling up in a warm blanket every Wednesday and absorbing myself into your world.

Things I am looking forward to:
1) Winter Break
2) Christmas at Anik's
3) Joel coming back from Hawaii
4) The Roots on New Years Eve!!
5) Snow?
6) Ice Skating
7) Making mulled wine for the first time
8) Mush's Birthday.... how old are you anyway dude?
9) Jay is coming back!
10) Bye bye Monkey and Welcome COCK!