Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update: What I am doing about balding

October 15th, 2007 (Before)January 15th 2008 (After)

A lot of people have been asking me for updates, but as it takes time to see results I have waited till exactly 3 months later from my original post.

This is by no means a respectable scientific experiment, but rather a casual method. I took the photo from the same angle at the same location with the same lighting, on shampooed, blow dried and brushed hair.

The good news is that I HAVE been losing less hair, but I can't attribute it solely to the onion and honey "tonic," since I haven't been religious about it. I've been doing the onion and honey tonic once every two to three weeks. I say bad news because I don't know what to attribute my thicker-looking hair to, since I've implemented many small changes. There is no control group.

The changes include:
1) I switched shampoos (LUSH Cinnamon Spice Shampoo bar)
2) Stopped wearing tight hats unless absolutely necessary
3) Switched to an ionic blowdryer (Conair makes a good, affordable one)
4) Onion and honey tonic once every 2-3 weeks (More would be better, but who has the time and patience? I also found that the smaller onions don't smell as bad)
5) Oiling the scalp once a week, personally I don't think it matters whether or not its coconut oil or Amla oil, I haven't noticed a difference in oil type.
6) Eating better... more fruits, vegetables and proteins and less enriched flour and sugar..... I've also eliminated coffee and smoking.
7) When I need to tie my hair up, like for the gym or yoga, I don't use rubber bands but rather those hair ties that are made from a stocking-like material.... it doesn't leave bumps in your hair either! You can get them at CVS.
8) Stopped coloring my hair

I will still continue to update and look forward to hear from others who are combatting hair loss the natural way! Thanks to everyone who wrote supporting messages and shared their stories. I like hearing your stories!