Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bengali Skank

I was reading the New York Times' Urban Eye section and they had this blurb about a Mad Professor show. I have been really interested in dub lately, so whenever I see something in the paper I look it up to learn more, so I looked up Mad Professor, and he has this song called "Bengali Skank." Can you believe that? I heard a little clip on itunes.

Not to say there aren't skanky Bengalis out there, but I wondered how someone from Jamaica, has even had any interaction with a Bengali.... but that is what is so fascinating about globalization, our world is so small and connected. I looked him up some more and found out that he isn't Jamaican (also, I learned it is ignorant of me to assume all reggae artists are Jamaican), he is Guyanese and raised in Britain...... so I am sure he has come across many Bengalis that way.

Martha Stewart can Beatbox!