Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nudity? No thanks, I read it for the articles

India is in the works to launch Playboy, but get this, without nekkid girls. The International Herald Tribune put it best, “In this, the land of the ancient Kama Sutra, the holy temples are sexually explicit and the dirty magazines are clean.”

So what will be in the Indian Playboy? Christie Hefner, Playboy's chief executive, told Los Angeles Times reporters in December that the Indian magazine would focus on "the lifestyle, pop culture, celebrity, fashion, sports and interview elements of Playboy."

Instead of airbrushed, siliconed “hot rosh malai”, the sexual content will be metaphorical—Bollywood style. Wet salwaar kameez contests maybe? But why even pick up the magazine when you can walk by to a nearby temple and see nekkid girls carved on the stone walls and stare at Shiva’s erect lingam? (Not that I have EVER done that.)

I too, thought that South Asians were at least outwardly conservative. One of my friends in New York, a species of humans called frat boys, once said, “I’ve never seen the porn of your people…. and I’ve seen a lot!” I agreed with him. But a few months ago, Germ called me from a downtown porn shop and informed me that he finally found the porn of “my people.” Aha! So it exists. My friend in Toronto told me a true story that happed in the land of Bin Laden-decorated rickshaws. A few years ago this Bangladeshi-American guy, Sumon, seduced many university girls to sleep with him in his nice house, as he secretly videotaped it and later distributed and sold it. He would tell them things like how he loved them and how he was going to marry them. He hasn’t been caught because he fled to where he lives in L.A. He made himself rich. In the meantime, the girls’ reputations were ruined and some even committed suicide. Sumon blackmailed them to give him serious cash to destroy the tape…. of course, no one could afford that.

My point is, sexual prohibition leads to crime because it just moves it underground and fewer people make money off of it, usually the woman who is the “star”. And maybe Indian Playboy could potentially lower sex-related crime by showing a little nekkidness.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous - Rockstar said...

Yeah, lift it mainstream.

It's really about how women/women's sexuality are viewed in these countries. That leads to how porn/nudity/sex fits in. Gotta work backwards to see the ultimate effect on sex crimes.

It's also fucked up that porn is left to be made by the underground seedy element like Sumon. Imagine if talented artistic visionaries made porn or real actresses offered their talents. Kubrick said he wanted to make a porno with famous actors. Ironically, it's left to guys least likely to have sex. Shame.

Regardless of the country, if people had less guilt about fucking and did it more often, porn wouldn't be so pervasive as an outlet nor viewed as taboo. It wouldn't be a big deal. People would watch and learn a thing or two. Who do you think can find a clitoris quicker: a 26 year old from Calcutta staring at wet saris or an 18 year old from New York.

- Rockstar

Disclaimer: Silly rabbit, there's no such thing as a clitoris!


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