Friday, November 04, 2005

Things I learned in October

1. Guy's after-shave lotion + Neosporin heal bike-accident wounds amazingly well.
2. A hug is worth a thousand words.
3. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the poor-man's imported goat cheese. I substitute it for recipes that call for goat cheese... it tastes good with roasted beet salad.
4. Always wash your face before going to bed.... even if you drank too many mojitos on Halloween and passed out with 99-cent CVS fake blood on your face. (Good news, my rashes are almost gone)
5. If you are quiet and dress moderately well and aren't wearing anything too loud, you can quickly walk into many offices and make a fax or a copy for free. "Act like you belong."
6. The harmonica is really a difficult instrument. Much harder than the violin.
7. Jacob's ladder is one of the scarier movies I have seen in years. I think its from the late '80's..... Tim Robbins looks really young.
8. Sometimes a girl needs to be cat-called. Sure, its belittling and annoying on a daily basis, but when you stop hearing it you miss it. When you get thrown over the handlebars of your bike, land on your face, and come home looking like one of the members of Fight Club, it can make anyone feel a little less confident. I was worried that with my chin bruised and swollen, I looked more like Jay Leno. So the other day I'm riding home on my bike, I'm thinking of how my boss said I looked like "road kill", another teacher called me "bruiser" and then I pass this roofer on the street who simply said "hey pretty eyes." It was exactly what I needed. He may never know how he made my week.
9. Track 6 on the new Fiona Apple album is amazingly simple, raw, stripped down and honest. I think it contains my favorite song lyrics of the year.... "And from the first to the last time the sign said 'stop' But we went on whole-hearted it ended bad, But I love what we started."
10. Washington Square was a massive burial ground in the 1800s when people were dying rapidly due to the highly-contagious Yellow Fever. No wonder it isn't as popular as Rittenhouse Square.


At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:32 PM, Blogger Fly said...

Damn spammers infesting blogs!!! Its so annoying.

I'm really sorry I wasn't more sensative about your accident. You know no matter how Jay Leno-like you ever become, I'll always think of you as a hottie. (eck! I hate using that word, but you really are gorgeous.)

In fact its really hard to even imagine you looking otherwise. I'm glad you're healing. Sadly though next time I see you, it'll prolly be all gone and I wont be able to make it up to you with a timely complement.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna try to finish up the book this week. After I'm done I've got some work to catch up on, but I'm planning on writing a series of short stories that surrounded my aptartment back in New Brunswick. Its gonna be entitled 140 (In reference to my old address) and it will encompass stories about girls, drug selling, drug use, gangs, christian bible study groups, suicide and depression, my homeless organization experience, September 11th, and alot of just random events here and there. It's gonna be written in a similar style to my dad's book, but the topics will be less historical and more "coming-of-age"ish.

I was thinking of maybe participating in your writers group to work on it as I write. It's gonna be based on my life, but since I'm not using real names it will be a creative work with some fictional touches.

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Fly said...


The meeting today was really great. We got some really good info. That lady was really cool. Thanks for feeding me (even though you made me cook). I hope the sweet potatos weren't too over-cooked. Oh and the strawberry-chocolate was very yummy too!!!

At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Dennis R. Day said...

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Be Blessed,
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