Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Outfits parents shouldn't wear in school

The kids in my school have to wear uniforms, and the teachers of course have a dress code. But no one tells a parent what they can and cannot wear to school when picking their child up. I wish that common sense was enough so a dress code wouldn't be necessary, but here are some actual outfits I have seen parents wear to pick their child up from school....

Top 7 outfits worn by parents in unnamed Philly charter school...

7) The dad who wore the t-shirt with a picture of a car on it that said "my other ride is your momma" across the top
6) All the moms with tight sweatpants that say "Sexy" AND "Delicious" across the ass
5) "Fuck me I'm Famous!" shirts
4) "I fucked your boyfriend" t-shirts

3) I think all the guys who wear anything by Beanie Sigel's $20-million-a-year clothing line, State Property are real stupid. Maybe I should start making shirts that say "SLAVE" and "CONCUBINE" across the chest and get rich too.

2) Post-pregnancy stretch-marked hips squeezed between tight jeans and and a florescent thong

and my favorite....

1) Yes, a mom actually DID WEAR THIS TO SCHOOL!


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous jukebxjunkie said...

Why am I not surprised? It's so sad how you'll think the kid's parent is their sibling just by the way they dress not to mention the way they act.

I remember the first time I did my student teaching...I learned the hard way never to ever say "Mrs." when you're asking for a student's parent.

Hopefully I can change that...a little anyway.


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