Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think I'll start to eat organic this year

I never understood the whole "organic" thing. I remember these girls munching on $6 bags of grapes and squirming about pesticides in my women's studies classes at Temple. I know that my old roommate and I would go grocery shopping and come home with the same staples... milk, eggs, bread, greens, fruits and her bill would be double because she chose to eat organic. This little vegetable animation done by the Organic Trade Association is fascinating and informative. After watching it, I think I might go organic too.

Let me know if you think the Salad Bar reminds you of Bob and Barbaras on 16th and South. I mean, the band? How freakishly similar!

My friend Neal informed me about a cheaper, convenient way to eat organic last year. Its not as cheap as the $1/bag of produce that the trucks on 44th and Sansom offer, but cheaper than say, Whole Foods. There is a farm in PA called Spiral Path Farm where you can become a member and pick up a box of fresh, certified organic produce weekly from May to November from local farmer's markets. There are pick-up locations at Clark Park and Rittenhouse Square and the box contains a newsletter with recipes you can do with the produce you receive for the week. Most of the outdoor farmers markets in Philly should be in full bloom starting the beginning of next month. Gazpacho anyone?


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