Monday, February 07, 2005

The curse of Billy Penn

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I knew the chances of winning were not good, but all I wanted was to go down with a fight. Tonight I realized that "Eagles=All or nothing"

The game started off strong and spirits were high. The Eagles and Patriots were neck and neck. I made sure to wear green and have the same thing for breakfast that I had the day of the NFC (oatmeal & Honey Smacks with hot vanilla soy milk). We even made history (a tie by the end of the third quarter)...... and then at the end, history (the curse of William Penn) repeated itself.

We were doing so well! What happened? What happened to the "game faces" in the fourth quarter? To me, it looked like McNabb stopped trying. You could see the fear and lost determination on his face.

I hate the all-or-nothing attitude that sometimes plagues residents of this city. Is it a fear of success? Are we proud of being the underdogs? Or as my kids would say "under-dawgs?"

I like to make the comparison of tonight's Super Bowl game to the Aesop's Fable "Grapes are Sour." The fox sees this juicy vine of grapes on a high branch and starts to jump for them. He keeps jumping and jumping and after several unsuccessful attempts, he shrugs and says "grapes are sour." What the fox should have done is changed his strategy. It could have climbed the tree or bribed a squirrel to throw some grapes down. But see, the grapes bruised his ego. That's why he gave up.

If the Eagles lost by 3 measly points playing the last quarter half-ass, imagine what they could have done if they actually put their heart into it.

But don't worry people. Tomorrow will be a brighter day. Keep reaching for the grapes....


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