Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ghetto T-shirts

I saw a man on the trolley today who was wearing a black t-shirt with a picture of a car on it, and above the car was written "My other ride is your mama." Classy, huh? I bet it makes the ladies flock to him. Well, maybe it does.... I mean, it IS a conversation piece. There was a first grader at my school who cursed all the time, the teachers gave him warnings and said "We don't use those words in school" but he kept doing it. It got so out of control that the teacher had to call his mom to pick him up from school. So the mother comes to pick her young son up from school wearing a t-shirt that says "Fuck me, I'm Famous!" (looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) Hmmm, I don't know WHO is classier..... maybe she should hook up with that guy from the trolley and they could make babies and dress them up in funny ghetto t-shirts.

Speaking of t-shirts, I found a dollar store on Lancaster Avenue that sells plain t-shirts for $1! And get this, the owner is Bangladeshi. Maybe one day Bangladeshis will outnumber Koreans in owning small businesses in impoverished neighborhoods?

Pamela just got fired from the Apprentice tonight! Shocker, I really thought Maria or the lawyer chick were gonna go. First of all, the lawyer chick looks like she is 19 and talks like it too. As much as I would not like to work for an imposing type of woman like Pamela, I thought what she said about the lawyer chick in the board room was brilliant.... "She talks so much that it's distracting." Boy, I sure know people like that. But one question for the producers of the show..... why must you feed the stereotype of the "crazy Black woman?" Amorosa was bitchy and Stacy J was crazy. At the same time, Black men are shown to be very professional and humble. Next time, can we have a minority woman on the show who is sane? Even the male competitor, Raj (who is Indian), is on the edgy side (which I like.... at least he is not a bastard guy) but the dude wears a bow-tie for god sakes, and carries a cane.

Word is, Mush knows the winner..... apparently, it leaked on some website..... but he won't tell me! He said that if I knew, I wouldn't enjoy the show. Unfortunately, I think the next winner is gonna be a male again, or maybe the blonde bombshell woman who is kind of quiet.... I forget her name. Feel free to harass Mush through his blog.... I have a link to him on "Blogger Buddies."

I want to thank everyone who sponsored me for the Heart Walk. Because of your support, I was able to raise over my goal of $250..... you guys rock! So a special shout out to Aninda, Mo, Phil, Lisa, Tasu, Mush, and Jeff who contributed money towards the American Heart Association. I used to do the Aids Walk every year, but I am gonna switch to the Heart Walk and put my energy into that since it hits closer to home... thanks to Tusi for turning me on to this event!

Ok, so besides the cause of the Heart Walk, I think the Aids Walk is much phatter.... first of all, location. Kelly Drive is sexier, longer and more scenic than Fairmount park. The Aids Walk has more port-a-potties, a larger and more diverse group of walkers, bands along the way, food at the end, and more general festivities. There were perks to the Heart Walk too, I got to walk past the Japanese Tea House, eat a free breakfast, NutriSoy (who was a major sponsor) had these awesome veggie sausages, and free pairs of Reebok socks at the end. And as my friends can vouch for me... I NEED SOCKS!


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