Thursday, August 12, 2004

My song is on the radio!!!!

I had a very exciting morning....

So I was brushing my teeth this morning and I had the radio tuned to Drexel's station, WKDU, in the background..... when all of a sudden I hear the beginning bass line to one of Wes's songs...... So I text messaged him to tell him they are playing his shit on the radio. That was exciting enough.

BUT THEN I keep listening and I start hearing birds..... like the birds that sing before "You're Enron", and then I hear the beginning music..... and HOLY SHIT! My voice is on the radio?!

It was very surreal, overwhelming and exciting. Now I am more inspired than before and want to become more serious about creating new music.

I know few people actually collect or use records now, but if you ARE into vinyl, then go to your nearest record store and pick up a copy..... its on sale at Armand's for you Philly people.

Here is what the cover looks like:

This is a review of the album from some British magazine:

(There are more reviews in other places, but this is the only one where they specifically comment on my voice...... so it's my favorite one!)

Other things:
1) I highly recommend the new lattes at Dunkin Donuts, they are really sweet and delicious (more dessert than coffee), and will keep you up all night.

2) PS1 on Saturday (Joy's last weekend in NYC.... boo hoo) was a blast. I want to go again. Never seen anything like it before..... It's like a public school meets museum, meets beach, meets barbecue, meets music festival thing. There were hippies, yuppies, little kids, and everything in between..... I can't even explain it.

3) Why doesn't Philly have a Beer Garden like in New York? This place was kind of crazy.... from the outside it looks like a regular bar, but then inside there was a fancy Quincinera going on, and then you walk out through this exit, and Wham! You are on this huge plot of land with picnic-style lunch tables lined in the middle with a beer stand on one side, and food stand on the other..... it sort of reminded me of my cousin's weddings in India..... but, I can't remember if there was music? What I DO remember is that it was one of the cheapest places I have ever been to eat in New York...... two people can get full on $10!

4) Mush is back in town!!!!!

That's all folks.


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