Thursday, July 01, 2004

Stupid British Airways counterperson

My mom left for Bangladesh today on British Airways. Although things were last-minute and hectic, overall everything was going fine. So we get to the airport and the asshole at the counter says... (In a French accent)... "I'm sorry, but your suitcase is too heavy. Our limit is 32 kg. and you have 34 kg."

Then my mom is like "I'm sorry sir, my mind is everywhere, my father died, and I had to pack at the last minute to go back home. Can you please overlook it this one time?"

(Artificially-with the sideways head tilt) "Oooooh, I'm sorry to hear that..... but your bag is still too heavy. Please remove some items" said the French Fuck.

Asshole! I hope you get Mad Cow disease...

I talked to Tisa about it and she said it all depends on who your counterperson is. Some people will say "Don't worry about it" if you go over the weight limit, while others will make a fuss over half a kg.


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