Friday, June 18, 2004

First day of unemployment

Yesterday was my last day of teaching at the Belmont Charter School's Literacy Program. So that may explain why I have free time today to start a blog. Free time! Yay!

Man, I'm gonna really miss my kids. Teaching is an amazing experience but the thing that sucks is that you get so attached to your students and get to know their parents, their backgrounds, their dreams, their strengths and their weaknesses, and then poof! Just like that, they are gone for summer break. Maybe I will never see any of those kids again, maybe I will... who knows? I had this similar feeling when I left the orphanage in India, but as time went on it became more bearable.

On to another subject..... I highly recommend the Bangladeshi band "Kingkortorbo Bimur." They take raw, old, folk songs and baul music and produce it with modern technology and instruments. Ok, I know the stereotype is that only FOBs listen to Bangladeshi bands, but I don't care.... they are good! Even though I technically fall into the "ABCD" category, I think some of the coolest desis I know are so-called FOBs. Why can't we all just get along anyway? How are we going to move forward as a group if we treat each other like crabs in a barrel? Anyway, drop me an email if you would like me to make you a one-of-a-kind Bengali-Band-FOB mixtape. If I have time and am feeling nice, I just might do it.

Bored of that topic. Hmmm, what else.... I really like my new yoga instructor, Lyndsay.... its a dude, I was surprised because I thought that was a feminine name. Anyway, he not only has a KILLER body, he is also challenging and uses the Indian names for the poses and not the "westernized" names. Like for example, he'll say "Trikosana" instead of "Triangle pose". This is my first week taking his class and already my back problems are gone and I feel taller. I know, you are probably thinking "But Devalina, you are short! Accept it! Stop trying things to make yourself taller!"

For folks who don't have plans this weekend..... if you are in the mood to a) throw rocks at your neighbor's windows OR b) send scary mail to co-workers, I recommend checking out It's a website where you can type in a zip code or name and you can find out which political candidate (if any) an individual gave money to. I typed in my zip code and was surprised to find a Bush supporter, since I thought I lived in a pretty liberal neighborhood. Hmmm, I think I have some unused rotten tomatoes in my fridge that would look lovely on someone's porch. I also found out that Temple's President David Adamany donated $2,000 to Howard Dean. Needless to say, I have a new respect for the dude.


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