Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Person I plan on writing to before the election

Who: Mark P. Mays

What: the CEO of Clear Channel who recently rejected an anti-war
billboard on Times Square, and who I personally see as a threat to our
freedom of speech. Clear Channel is responsible for putting together pro-
war rallies, censoring anti-war musicians and saturating radio air waves
with Justin Timberlake and pulling Howard Stern. Mays is also a big
supporter of Bush and has donated thousands of dollars to his

Where: His address, 120 Primrose Place, San Antonio, Texas - 78209

Here is the rejected ad, from the New York Times website.

Clear Channel apparently thought that the "bomb imagery" was offensive. Well, I find billboards with half-naked women in $300 underwear on Times Square offensive, I find George Bush's cowboy tactics offensive, I find recycled pop music offensive, and mostly, I'm offended that my friends who went to college for Broadcast Journalism can't find a job because Clear Channel owns the majority of radio stations across the country and is replacing djs with robots.

Lets boycott Clear Channel (I know its tough--they own EVERYTHING) and flood this guys office with letters.

Things to boycott:

1) Radio Stations owned by Clear Channel- In Philly, WDAS 105.3, Q102, WJJZ 106.1, Sunny 104.5, and Power 99 (if no one listens, they can't sell advertising)

2) Concerts- Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, U2, Madonna, N'Sync and Janet Jackson to name a few.

3) TV stations- CBS, UPN

Too many other things to mention... if you are interested in learning more, look it up. Maybe we can mobilize and start a national "Week without Clear Channel". Besides, think about how much cooler you will be with knowledge of other music and with all the free time you will have because of the boycott.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Mudra Rakshasa said...

Bully for you! Go on! It is easy to boycott CC. Tune in to Public TV and NPR. Heaven knows there are many options on the NET as well.

As for the rest of the country, I say, every audience gets the programming (sic) it deserves. I know, that does not say much about us, but surely, the country that put Bush in office deserves it.

PS: Came here from a post on Aravindh's site. The post-drink bit was from Mahesh though.



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