Thursday, July 01, 2004

Where is Apu from?

I had a pleasant surprise when I got home today. It was the Simpsons episode where Manjula is angry with Apu for working long hours seven days a week at the Kwik-E-Mart, so to make up to her Apu romances her and makes all the men and women of Springfield angry and jealous.

When the Simpsons go to dinner at the Nahasapeemapetilon home, Marge remarks what a beautiful and charming place it is and Manjula does the typical-Indian-woman thing, and insults herself. Why do South Asian women do that? Why can't they take a fucking compliment?

For example:
Comment: Oh so-and-so, you look beautiful in that dress.
South Asian woman's response: Nah, YOU look nice. I look fat.

Comment: I can't believe you went out of your way and went to the trouble of cooking all this delicious food auntie.
South Asian woman's response: Oh, I didn't cook ANYTHING, please forgive me! I hope my food is tolerable to you.

Anyways, did you ever notice what record Apu played for Homer? Its the "Concert for Bangladesh!"

Which brings me to my question: Where is Apu from?

According to "The Simpsons: The Complete Guide to America's Favorite Family", Apu is from India. His accent is clearly South Indian, and who else would have a last name as long as Nahasapeemapetilon besides a South Indian? His features are also more South Indian.

But I remember him being referred to as "the jolly Bengali" on an old Simpsons episode and he attended Calcutta Institute of Technology, according to the "Everything you should know about Apu" site.

And Mush said that in previous episodes, his hometown was referred to as Bangalore.

Ahhhhh! This is killing me! Does anybody know? If you have any idea, please post a comment. I'm writing to the show's producers.

In the meantime, meet the new Punjabi family that moved to Springfield.


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