Friday, September 22, 2006

"We should hang out"

So you know how you sometimes run into someone from high school/college at Trader Joes? You see her looking for peanut butter the same time as you and she raises her eyebrows and opens her mouth real big and screams "Oh my God!" and throws her arms around you like you are best friends and insists that you exchange numbers and/or email addresses and then says "we should hang out?"

And as you are walking out the store carrying your bags you think "that (fill in name) was ok. maybe we really did have a connection and maybe I really was a big part of her life." And then you call her a week later and leave a message after she possibly side-buttoned you. She doesn't call you back. And then you reflect back and remember that you never even had a deep conversation with her and maybe the only bonding you did was bitching about the same professor while running into each other at the library.

Well, that always happens to me. I don't know why people do that. The whole exchanging contact information thing.... if they dont ever intend to contact the person.

I guess people have a hard time saying, "It was good running into you. Enjoy your peanut butter. Bye."


At 9:31 PM, Blogger Fly said...

I see these encounters as second chances.

Not for that "other" person, but for yourself. We don't always make the best first impressions, but with enough can go a long way.

Put simply:

Give yourself an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with someone you've let out of your life.

Yeah, they probably weren't too impressive the first time around, but neither were you, (don't kid yourself). Things change and some people are capble of truely awesome things, given time and luck.

The tough part is that these "Trader-Joe" encounters, require alot of courage. It's like what Mamma Gump used to say, "You never know what yer gonna get..." Besides you can always take a small bite (I prefer to break it open with my fingers) and throw the encounter (or the candy) back in the cheesy-metaphorical box.

I say reconnect with whoever you want. While most people you've let go of before, are probably still just as lame now, as they were back in middleschool...

You and I both know, there are a few people you run back into that are worth all the encounters with terrorists, creepy-lawyers, and side-button hitters.

PS - Trader Joes is awesome...they have these Thai Green Chilli Cashews that make my heart flutta' like girls from Calcutta.


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