Friday, May 06, 2005

I'll miss this neighborhood

Felt like I was in college again this week.... lots of late nights and early mornings spent in bed surrounded by piles of paper, not-hot-enough tea and music. I had to write 19 assessments about the kids in my class for the government. Each assessment took approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Thanks a whole lot No Child Left Behind Act!

19 students x 1.5 hours = too little sleep for Space Cadet.

Last night I had two hours of sleep and wanted nothing more than to come home after work and crash on the bed (now I get to the part on why I'm gonna miss this neighborhood) I have the best neighbor ever!

Imagine to my surprise when I open my front screen door today and there is a bottle of rum and a package wrapped in brown paper. It was the best thing to come home to after a rough week. It was a gift from her trip to the Virgin Islands. Oh, and in the brown paper package was a box of Caribbean Rum Balls. Think Irish potato, but with cocoa and rum. Sometimes people magically read your mind.

Something I've always admired about alcoholics is their carefreeness to drink any place they freakin' please. I just think drinking at bars/parties loses its appeal after awhile. I always enjoyed those times in my life when I was "partying" (in my head) while everyone around me was completely sober. Those memories are so much funnier. Like that time I shroomed in the morning before my Law & Ethics class (I was giving up coffee and looking for ways to get a "bump" in the morning) I think I participated way too much in class that day.... or drinking Mudslides in the park with Rockstar...... or getting blazed in the middle of Rittenhouse on a sunny day with Repressler's roommate. Those moments are much more memorable because the people around us were so serious. There was no loud music or dim lights....

I have to go to a teacher's conference tomorrow. Maybe I will take a mind trip to the Virgin Islands.....


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Fly said...

I live on about 30 miles away from the house I grew up on. Ever since I got my liscence I started making occassional trips back there just to see it.

I'm gonna keep this short, but its not my house anymore. It isn't my neighborhood anymore.

I suggest you take pictures - of everything even rooms. Its kinda sad when I think about the only true refuge I've ever had was my Nanni's room in my old house and I can barely remember what it looks like.

Yeah...take pictures. Dude I wonder now about you...maybe the space cadet thing is front maybe you're just drunk or high.

At 11:27 PM, Blogger rockstarandtheniff said...

How could I forget drinking mudslides in the park? That's when you pretended to be a rat and fell on your face. I remember thinking, "this girl is so odd.... or perhaps she's a genius."

- Rockstar


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