Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Radiohead's Comlag

Am I the last rh fan on Earth to hear this album? Seriously, I feel like I lost major "fan cred." I don't know when it was released, but I didn't hear it till Tuesday when I was sitting at the Green Line Cafe in West Philly.

I could tell Thom Yorke's voice right away, but doubted it could be rh, cuz they are my favorite band and I have every album but never heard that particular recording before. So I asked the barrista who said it was only released in downloadable form and in Japan. And he said the album was Comlag and it was in fact Radiohead.

"WHAAAT?" I leaned over and shouted over music, traffic, conversations and coffee machines. "Comlag" he said quietly, "com, like dotcom and lag (he pauses) like...."

"Like a lag in time." We said this in unison. I looked up at his eyes. "C-O-M-L-A-G" he spelled it out as Thom sang in the background. It was awesome.

Why do underpaid yet knowledgeable barristas with good taste in music have to be so sexy?


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Krakovianka said...

Someone's got a cruuuuush... heeee...

At 10:20 AM, Blogger rockstarandtheniff said...

I'd rather be overpaid and sexy. 2 for 2!

I get crushes on girls that serve me food or girls that work at registers. I never met a waitress I didn't get a crush on (unless she's beastly). Is that weird? Whenever I leave a handsome tip I draw a giant heart on the bill. Hopefully that makes her day.

- Rockstar
of rockstar and the niff fame

P.S. If Radiohead sang a song about camels, would your head explode?

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Goomba said...

There's a sexy and underpaid register girl working at the Best Buy around here too. One day I'll let her ring up my gigantic LCD TV and tell her to come over.


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