Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Highlights/Lowlights of Valentine's Day

Many years ago, some genius came up with the idea of capitalizing on love. He (I assume) marked a day, and decided to give certain businesses a way to boost their profits at that particular time of year. The businesses that profit the most are restaurants, along with jewellery, flower, sex-toy, lingerie and card shops. The usual outcome for the next day would be for women to have higher blood-sugar levels and men to have less disposable income.

That cynical stuff said, I have to admit that this Valentine's Day was my best ever since I was a kid. I get really uncomfortable when people spend money on me, especially my kids, many who don't have fathers or clean clothes. So when they showered us with gifts, I was almost moved to tears. One mom walked in with heart-shaped balloons and teddy bears (things that I usually think is cheesy) but it was so sincere and sweet. I gave her a big hug and noticed that her coat was wet with rain drops, it almost made me cry. "They don't have cars or money, they shouldn't be walking around in the rain or spending their money on me" I thought. But I was moved that they thought of me. We threw a party in our class and served cupcakes with pink icing, pretzels, cheese curls and candy. Then we sent the kids home to their parents in their hyper state. I forgot how it felt to consume massive amounts of "food" with zero nutritional value. As a kid, I would always look forward to sugar rushes and thought it was the best thing. But now, I feel nauseous if I don't eat healthy at least two meals out of the day. The weirdest gift I got from a student was strawberry-scented socks...

Only girls showed up for newspaper club after school. We laughed and bonded as we drew comic strips. This one 6th grader drew a comic about a "Christmas Crackhead."

Tsunami guy and I went to get Thai food after work as we chatted about "Bride and Prejudice." He brought up an interesting point: Does Gurinder Chadha have a white man fetish? Did you notice how in both of her movies it shows a pretty Indian girl falling into the arms of a white man? Indian men are portrayed as either controlling or gay. So Tsunami guy stated that he would be boycotting her movies. Now I wouldn't go that far. Let's see if the same thing happens in her third movie. Then it will be a pattern.

Oh, I am changing my blog style. After having a talk with dehydration expert, I realized that using real names and pictures can later bite us in the ass. So from now on, I will give everyone code names or describe them with an adjective. That way, friends will be able to figure out what I am talking about but total strangers will not.

As a gift, Mr. Short thought it would be nice to surprise me by sending nekkid pics of a Suicide Girl. Awww, how thoughtful...... now why would a guy send his ex a picture of a completely nekkid girl with candy hearts strategically placed all over her body on Valentine's Day? Just as the crazy one says "I will never understand women" I have to agree, "I will never understand men." In case you were wondering, the SG had a "butter" face. Everything was alright, but her face.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Fly said...

This valentine's day was like any other day for me. It's been a while since I celebrated v-day and considering the last time I did anything on V-day I broke with my girl friend, I guess that's a good thing.

That sounds really wrong of me doesn't it? I guess I come from a school of thought that parallels your cynical perspectives of the Hallmark Holiday. I've always felt that if I love someone, friend, girl friend, family member, was my responsibility...or rather pleasure, to show my affections 365. I think anyone who knows me and has been a recipient of my giving would agree that I don't need a reason to do something nice and loving.

Having said that of course, its important to realise that regardless of personal feelings, Valentine's Day means something more to other people. My mom for instance, probably would consider it to parallel events like her birthday and mother's day since those are the only times all of her loved ones make an effort to show their appreciation. Granted I have come home randomly before with a bouquet of flowers and I regularly make dinner to ease her stress, I have to admit I could do more. So I knew when valentine's day came around rather than spending my time and efforts on those who needed it less, I took my mom and everyone out to this really nice Thai joint called Aroma Thai. If you're ever in jersey you should check it out and get the lemon grass, coconut milk soup with chicken, or tofu if you're feelin the veggie tip.

Anyway, although I'm not a fan of the holiday I have to admit it made me feel good seeing my mom and my dad sitting there giggling and laughing like little kids. They kept at joking about the staff and making fun of each other. In one instance my dad ordered the black sticky rice with coconut milk which looked like ants covered in man juice. I never thought I would ever share a vulgar joke like that with my parents, but we all saw it and cracked up. We even got to the point where the couple next to us started laughing along. Well long story short, despite my thinking that this is a useless holiday it did bring some much needed laughter into my families life.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Fly said...

Do I really have to be dehydration expert? Just cus I paid attention in 9th grade bio more than you doesn't mean its gotta be my name.


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