Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ash on Letterman

She walked on stage waving, smiling and looking pretty in Western casual wear. But as soon as she sat down her defenses went up. Is it just me or did Aishwarya Rai come off as a complete snob on Letterman? Maybe she isn't used to the night talk show style here, where interviews are more fun and conversational and less Q & A. She seemed shocked to meet someone who has never heard of her and isn't familiar with her films. Dave made funny uncomfortable faces and loosened his tie as Ash gave serious one-word answers and laughed at her own jokes. Sure, Ash was never known for her wittiness, and I normally wouldn't give her much importance, but now that she is breaking into the "Western" market she is being thrust into the position of being a representative of India. If she wants to make it here, I think she should do her homework and loosen up a bit. All over South Asia and parts of the Middle East, she has the "sweetheart" image, sort of like how Julia Roberts does here. But less girl-next-door. To the American public, with her appearances on 60 Minutes and Letterman (along with that horrible clip for Bride and Prejudice on Letterman) she is coming off like a complete bitch, the total opposite of her image abroad. I know many Bollywood actors and actresses dream of doing American films, but I hope that in her case this move doesn't hurt her career or take her a step down. Not to sound like an asshole guy, but this girl is hot until she opens her mouth.....

Other things on my mind...

1. The death of Ossie Davis- I haven't seen many of his movies but the reason why I feel a personal connection with this man is because my first photography assignment ever was shooting Ossie and Ruby's press conference promoting their book "Our Life Together." That was years ago, I think I was a freshman or sophomore in college. My world was small. I was youth-culture obsessed. The things important to me at that time were taking photos, going to raves, school, hip hop and wandering the city. Oh, and fighting for Mumia. So there I was, at the Philadelphia Convention Center in the same room with this old couple who I thought I had nothing in common with. Sonia Sanchez did the introduction. In person, Ossie seemed more like a loving grandfather who slowly told stories and smiled while he reflected on his life.... not the Hollywood-type at all. His wife was the same. Ageless, beautiful, loving life and it's simple pleasures. I remember him saying something about struggle, and how struggle made one's life richer and happier. Then someone asked him what he wished for the future to which he replied "I wish Mumia Abu-Jamal would be free." Sonia Sanchez immediately burst out with a high-pitched "li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li." O-KAY. I don't know what that was, but I think that was the Afrocentric version of "right on." That's my memory of Ossie Davis. R.I.P. Ossie.

2. Girl Scout cookies- Yup, it's that time again. I'm like a crackhead for Samoas and Thin Mints. I thought I would have easy access, working at a school and all. But the neighborhood I teach in is pretty suspicious of people selling anything door to door. Even little girls. Imagine the drug dealers fighting little girls about stealing their corner. Actually, if there was a smart girl scout, she would learn to work WITH the dealers and capitalize on people's munchies........ I was sad to recently find out that the girls do not actually make the cookies, they just market them. I feel like a kid finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Fly said...

1) I've always been a fan of Ash, but I have to say after seeing the two interviews I'm less interested in having her babies. She came off snobby, unintellegent, and worst of all...lacking humor.

2) It's interesting how little we appreciate the impact older celebreties have in this world. I remember listening to a speech given by Paul Roebson back when I was in high school, and it moved me. It became the major factor for me going to RU for school and an inspiration for me to be an activist. I never got into to any of the stuff he did, but the man had substance and character. Hearing him speak gave me insight into the person he was and forsight into the person I wanted to be. The world is too busy fawning over Brad Pitt and J-Lo, but the celebreties of yester-year had substance, they were real.
3) Yeah, I'm a crackhead for the somoas and thin mints myself, in fact, I have to attribute part of my winter time belly to that. I live in a neighborhood where everyone has at least 2 girl scouts in their households and you gotta by from each. Additionly I feel your pain, but did you know that they don't even get alot of funding from selling the cooking. It's like 10% of proceeds go to the organization. They participate only because it gives the girls a sense of worth and pride. As a youth advocate (my new self proclaimed title) self worth is an invaluable asset amongst america's youth. Blessed.

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous John! said...

I remember that Ossie Davis assignment! Since I was, after all, the one who assigned it to you. Your photos from that shoot were great. And of course, like a good photo editor, I sadly organized the negs in binders and filed them for future use. Bet the current photo editor has them buried in a pile, if he/she hasn't thrown them out. Argh. So...many negs...I wish...I'd saved... :(


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