Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Avoiding a "bhoori" at a desi wedding 101

Ok, so I'm a little obsessed.... now that I'm a certified yoga teacher, I feel I must spread some healthy trancendental, tantric, karmic.... this thing...

Step 1: Wear a pedometer under your lehanga, kurta, sari, tuxedo or salwaar


For every kabab you eat, you must take 500 steps.... did you dip the kabab in sauce? Then log in another 200 steps

Step 2: What about the biryani? Well, that can easily be burned off by some cardio which can effortlessly be achieved by dancing bhangra to 2 Punjabi MC songs

Step 3: Oh, and don't forget to respect your elders! Salaam the mother and father of the groom or Namaskar the bride's great uncle at the next table. Salaams and Namaskars are in essence, when you take out the religious part, a simple forward bend..... Which works wonders for the abs and lower back. Simply bend forward, touch their feet, and put your hands in prayer position, and slowly come up contracting your abs. Repeat for every elderly person you see.

Good luck!


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