Thursday, June 02, 2005

Experiment 1: Are ravers really doing tai chi?

Its science fair time y'all.....

As a way to make up to my parents for not taking up a career in the sciences like a good Asian, I decided to start doing science experiments in my spare time to explore the mysteries of our universe.

Space Cadet would like to apologize for any errors in the experiment. Since I didn't receive any grant money, I was limited to unusual ways to collect data.

QUESTION: Are ravers really doing tai chi?

HYPOTHESIS: I hypothesize that rave dancing is actually just sped-up "meditation in motion", or tai chi

1) Philip Glass cd
2) Sasha and Digweed cd
3) Prescription cough syrup
4) Ecstacy
5) Video camera
6) 2 tai chi practitioners
7) 2 ravers

1) After making the tai chi practitioners sign the legally binding documents, ask them to consume the ecstacy and after 20 minutes ask them to go on with their tai chi routine while you play the Sasha and Digweed cd in the background. Make sure this is being video taped.

2) Ask the ravers to sign the same documents, but afterwards feed them prescription cough syrup and ask them to do their rave dancing. Gradually turn up the Philip Glass cd, and don't forget to record the results.

RESULTS: After testing my hypothesis working with different variables, I found that when you put tai chi practitioners on ecstacy and ravers on presription cough syrup, you get the same result. When reviewing the recorded data, I muted the music and noticed that a 16-year-old from Detroit can generate as much chi in a room as an 80-year-old Asian dude.


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

except in 20 yrs one group will have severe neural degeneration while the other a juiced conception of lucidity.

What you should really try and see is if you can get enthusiast of mary jane to have adverse contentment from a combustable, cylindrical, THC placebo.

remember kids, if you know that which i speak of, chances are you tried it, are trying it, or given up trying and have taking up regular consumption of said substance (illicit)



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